Sumar Brands

SUMAR International has been providing the US market with premium TV Wall Mounts, TV Stands, Smartphones and Audio Visual Cables and accessories since 2007 across various brands.

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uBRITE™ is our most recent brand added to feature Premium home LED lighting solutions to save energy and lower our carbon footprint. uBRITE LED Light Bulbs use about 85% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb.

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UNO Innovations™ creates high-quality innovative home entertainment products that are environmentally safe and user friendly for your home. We offer TV Mounts, TV Stands, AV Stands, HDMI Cables, Entertainment furniture and more.

Look for us online at, UNOInnovations.comand in your favorite electronics store.


uMOVE™ creates high-quality innovative car accessories that are safe and user friendly. Power Inverters, Car Chargers, Booster Cables and more.


Miffy Lighting Collection are adorable Night Lights and Night Lamps shaped in Miffy’s iconic mold and will add a delightful adornment to any child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery.

Miffy was created in 1955 by Dutch artist Dick Bruna in the Netherlands. She is a small female rabbit that has been featured in more than 30 books, TV shows, clothing, accessories and toys. Miffy is a well-known brand in Europe and Asia and appeals to children all over the world, instilling a sense of safety.

Miffy cartoons are feature in the USA in You Tube, Nick Junior and

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